Shri. Thayil Abraham Vargheses
( Kuda Vavachan )

Alleppey “THE VENICE OF THE EAST” was in the twilight years of its glory when in 1940s the late Shri. Thayyil Abraham Varghese, alias “Kuda Vavachan” Started the manufacture of umbrella. He founded St. George Umbrella Mart in 1954. The race acumen and dynamic entrepreneurship of the founder was greatly responsibility for the astounding growth of the Umbrella Mart in the initial stages. In later years, with the table and innovative stewardship of his son Shri. Baby, the Umbrella Mart scaled new heights of development. The traditional mantle of his illustrious father fell on his as association with his father’s venture was long and consistent . People called him St. George Baby. In recognition for his great contribution towards the development of modern umbrellas. Shri Baby was enlisted in the in the Quality Control Committee of ISI as early as 1979. He became the chairman of that Committee in year 1986 .For his outstanding contribution towards the development of small scale industries in India, St George Baby received IMM awards successively in the years 1992, 1993 & 1998. The “Bharathiya Udyoga Jyothi “ awards in 1992 was yet another all India recognition he got .Popy has received the prestigious “Udyog Ratan’ award in 1998, presented by Institute of Economic Studies . Business Deepika Business Man of Kerala 1998, Rajiv Gandhi Quality Awards, Akshaya Award, AKCC Centenary Award were also awarded to him. Mr. Baby has been unanimously elected as the president of all India Umbrella federation in its Annual General Meeting held at Rajasthan on 19-12-2005..POPY is also proud to announce that it is first Umbrella company nationally and internationally to achieve the ISO-9001 certificate. One product speaks volumes of our efforts. We are concerned nationally and internationally, about the image of our product. Because the image of our product is ultimately the e image of our company. The noble tradition would tradition would continue and drive through generations. To maintain the lineage, Davis Thayyil, MBA, join the Umbrella Mart which his father nursed and nourished for the past 53 years.

Notable feature is the name POPY from 1995. POPY Umbrella prides itself to be producer of the largest selling umbrella in India. It has achieved this unique Place in just over an year . POPY is house hold name today uttered by lisping toddlers and wise men of old age. In a Statistical survey conducted by Rajagiri School of management, kochi on behalf of Dhamam Magazine. POPY won the 2nd popular brand among the most popular 20 brands in Kerala . That love is the bulwark and strength of POPY. POPY is grateful to its accredited dealers numbering over 5000 all over India and lakhs of esteemed custumers. POPY umbrella proudly arrays its products of uncompressing quality and cheerfully extends its unhindered service. POPY Umbrella is unique in possessing a largest factory of its kind fully mechanized and computerized. POPY could caster to demands of increasingly quality conscious customers all over India within a short time. POPY is now accessible on internet. India’s favorite umbrella is now internationally acclaimed through internet. The one international quality Indian brand popular with masses now goes global. Our dear and trusted dealers would bear with us to fulfill all their pending order before the onset of monsoon.

Dear dealers and customers give Popy umbrella mart the ‘privilege to serve you for a better tomorrow….

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