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Simple Sophistication: Popy’s Approach to Umbrella Design

It’s always the authenticity that stands out in a world full of imitation. The massive success of Popy thrives on this level of authenticity through the design and functionality they serve.

Popy is regarded to be a producer with the largest selling umbrella in India due to their versatility in production. Poppy has umbrella’s covering a large spectrum of design based requirements.

Whether you are looking for a basic umbrella with a plain design or a highly sophisticated umbrella with remarkable quality, Popy has everything you need.

Decide and Design

Representing the second most popular brand in Kerala, Popy has managed to keep up their pace in the highly competitive market of India.

The answer to their success goes beyond massive production. Every umbrella made from Popy has its own signature value. Just by looking at the color and specifications, we can understand the versatility in Popy’s designs. Some highlighting features of Popy’s designs include

  1. Minimalistic designs
    Umbrella’s that adhere to the concept of less is more has its own legacy. For the same reason it is the three fold designs of Popy which are best selling in the market. Popy’s canopies with U.V. blocking properties has created a new segment of innovation in the umbrella market. Despite the minimalism, the colors are visually bold and strong in nature.
  2. Sophisticated feminine designsThe vibrant nature of femininity is expressed through the geometric and floral collections of Popy. Popy Nano’s geometric collections are considered to be impressive in terms of how it speaks volumes on nature’s inspiration and how it coordinates with the production of umbrella’s.
  3. Nano Efficiency
    The Popy’s Nano umbrella is exceptionally good based on its coverage properties. Nano series can be considered a pretty reasonable and popular choice among people who are always on the go as they provide a good amount of coverage. The manual opening and manual closing is preferred by people who want a certain amount of control over their umbrella’s. Popy’s Nano umbrellas are well suited for both men and women.
  4. Customisable
    Popy is one of the few brands giving people the freedom for customization and they are given the choice to implement their creativity in umbrella production. The concept of customization can be inspiring for people to take up their purchase to the next level.

These are the key design based options available in the Popy Market. Check out Popy’s latest Umbrella’s Online for a quality assured purchase.

Let’s look into how your design matches your situation, feeling and quality based preferences-

  1. Context
    We know for a fact that an umbrella is a fashion statement for the modern world. You can find people with white collar jobs carrying umbrellas which are long, sturdy and bold in design. Pitch black, Navy Blue and White Umbrellas are preferred by businessmen and government job officers.
  2. Mood
    An umbrella can indicate a person’s preferences and personality. A goofy person with a high regard for artistry might prefer the 3 fold cosmic print umbrella whereas a slightly closed off individual might go for cherry red or Nylon black umbrella. However we can’t completely judge a person by their preference because it could also be a random choice on a random day.
  3. Premium Selection
    There is a certain amount of focus on functionality over fashion when it comes to premium selection of umbrella’s. People looking for larger coverage might opt for nano umbrella’s and others would willingly go for the 3 fold umbrellas with impact resistant ABS handle and braided nylon carrying cord.


Popy’s approach to designs are purely based on the society’s ideal expectations of what an umbrella should represent. Popy has proven massive success over 25 years of production, consistently providing customer satisfaction and authenticity throughout years.

To sum it up, there is a reason why Popy is Kerala’s top trusted brand, where it has transformed over time from being a mere commodity into a ‘must-have’ product.

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