From Rain to Shine: How the CS20 Umbrella’s Silver Coating Adapts to Weather Changes

An umbrella which can easily adapt to varying weather conditions reflects its functionality and success. With Popy’s CS20 variant, you get excellent benefits which go beyond the boundaries of typical and traditional umbrellas. Some of the special benefits include-

  1. Spectacular 3 fold technology
    The CS20 umbrellas reverse 3-fold technology keeps the wet side enclosed within the small spacing of the brolly. This not only prevents water from dripping onto the person but also helps maintain a cleaner and more comfortable experience.
  2. UV Block Silver Coating
    Popy’s UV block silver coating ensures an advanced form of protection. This acts as a strong barrier against the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. CS20 umbrellas are ideally used by people who travel or commute daily.
  3. Retro-Reflective Border
    This is a safety feature of Popy that allows visibility during low-light conditions. This feature can help you easily walk or travel in dimly lit environments.
  4. Auto Open and Auto Close with Single Button
    The automatic open and close function simplifies the task of carrying the umbrella because, with just the press of a single button, the umbrella effortlessly opens or closes. This saves a lot of time and effort during unexpected rain showers.
  5. Safety Ratchet for Kickback Prevention
    Damage related to closing and opening of umbrellas are common. This is where CS20 umbrellas prove to be advantageous, as it is well equipped with a safety ratchet mechanism to minimize the risk of kickback. People can easily reset the umbrella safely without concerns regarding abrupt closures that could damage the canopy.
  6. Strong Braided Nylon Carrying Cord
    Popy recognizes the importance of durability in everyday accessories. That’s why the CS20 Umbrellas have strong braided nylon carrying cord, making it much easier for people to carry and store with their umbrellas with confidence.

Advantages of Three-Fold Reversible technology

The three-fold reversible CS20 umbrellas offer several benefits that make them popular choices for individuals. Some of its major advantages include

  1. It’s a Compact and Portable solution
    The three-fold design of CS20 is compact in size and design. This makes it portable and quite easy to carry in bags, purses, or backpacks. The minimizing capacity of Popy’s CS20 makes it the perfect umbrella for travel purposes.
  2. Keeps it Clean and Dry
    The inward folding mechanism of CS20 keeps the wet side enclosed within the brolly. This prevents water from dripping onto the person and avoids any form of inconvenience to happen indoors.
  3. Durability
    CS20 is the type of umbrella that can be regularly used due to its long-lasting properties. Most 3 fold umbrellas are quite resistant to any kind of wear and tear.
  4. Easy to use
    The folding and unfolding process in the CS20 umbrella is typically quick and straightforward and it can easily manage sudden changes in weather.

Water repellent, Wind Resistant in Nature

Popy’s CS20 umbrellas are designed with special silver coated fabric which makes it water resistant in form. This means that when raindrops come into contact with the umbrella’s surface, it is less likely to be absorbed and it easily rolls off the fabric. This feature helps people to stay dry even during the season of heavy showers.

Speaking of season, the wind repellent feature of CS20 allows people to easily cope with windy weather conditions. and it minimizes the possibility of damage throughout the breeziness.


Popy’s CS20 umbrella’s 3-fold reversible technology and UV block silver coating has successfully proven the brands superiority in terms of quality. Not only is it water-repellent and wind-resistant in nature, it serves as a convenient option for daily commute or traveling.

CS20 umbrellas don’t just shield you from the rain, it is a reliable solution for different types of weather conditions. So step into the varying weather with full confidence and uncompromised style.

For more benefits of CS20, you can visit Popy’s official website and buy your umbrella online at the comfort of your home. Whether you’re looking for an umbrella for men or umbrella for women, either way CS20 will stand out to be your ideal companion at all times.

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