The Inventors Behind the Umbrella: Unfurling the Past

Who Invented the Umbrella First? The first recorded use of the umbrella dates back to over 4,000 years ago, across various ancient civilizations including Egypt, Greece, China, and Assyria. However, the primary purpose of these early umbrellas wasn’t to provide shelter from the rain. Instead, they were symbols of rank and authority, used to provide … Read more

The Rainmakers: Crafting the Perfect Popy Umbrella

Good day, dear umbrella enthusiasts! Ever been caught in a downpour and had your umbrella turn inside out? Or maybe the sun was too intense, and your umbrella just didn’t cut it? Enter Popy, the master umbrella manufacturers in Kerala. With a history as vibrant as the monsoon season, Popy has been keeping us dry … Read more

Can an Umbrella Protect You from the Sun? – Popy’s Shade of Assurance

Hello sunshine lovers! Ever found yourself feeling the scorching heat and wondering if your trusty umbrella could double as a sunshade? Popy, the legacy umbrella mart in Kerala, is here to shed some light (pun intended!) on this burning question. The Short Answer? Absolutely! Umbrellas are more versatile than they get credit for. While most … Read more

The Mystery Unveiled: Why Umbrella Is Black

The Mystery Unveiled Why Umbrella Is Black

The umbrella is our go-to tool for protecting ourselves from weather perils. However, have you ever wondered why most umbrellas are black? This decision seems melancholy in a world filled with brightness, which begs the question. Join us as we explore the fascinating causes of the ubiquity of black umbrellas. 1. Timeless Elegance Black has … Read more

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